• Boost E-bike Charging Management
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Product Overview:

     It is an intelligent charging device independently developed by our company based on LoRa communication technology, with functions of charging, metering, switch control, payment, and remote monitoring. The device has a built-in LoRa chip, follows LoRaWAN wireless transmission protocol, and works with LoRaWAN gateway to achieve remote monitoring or intelligent management.


    The charging device has been widely used in universities, parks, office buildings, comprehensive markets, hospitals, shopping malls, communities and other scenes.

Product Features:

  • Built-t-in communication module following standard LoRaWAN communication protocol.

  • Convenient to scan the QR code for payment.

  • Stop charging when full charged to protect battery and extend the battery life.

  • Payment standards vary according to charging power and charging time.

  • Built-in current detection circuit. When overload, short circuit, leakage and other abnormal circumstances occur, automatically power off to protect personal safety.

  • Return balance automatically.

  • When power is restored after power failure, the charging state before power failure can be started automatically.

  • LED highlight display, convenient to check. 

  • Check charging status and balance.

  • Two billing methods: payment according to temporary charging or monthly charging.

  • Collect user charging information and fee.

  • Unmanned management eliminate fire hazards.


Performance Parameter:

    Power supply:      AC220V±20%/50HZ

    Single socket maximum power: 1000W

    Device no-load power:          ≤1.5W

    Transmission distance:         1KM

    Wireless output power:         17dbm

  Operating temperature:      -40℃~+70℃


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