After sales service undertaking

1. main contents of current after-sales service:

In management system:

Our company has established a sound quality, environment, occupational health and safety (QEO) management system, after-sales service strictly in accordance with the QEO quality system standards and requirements of the system and equipment acceptance, storage, storage, electrical installation, software development, debugging, acceptance and exit, packaging, transportation, on-site installation, commissioning and operation safety. Process control. Establish a quality information feedback network and communicate with users. To meet the needs of users and ensure the quality and progress of the project.

In our management system, our company clearly stipulates:

In the process of installation and commissioning, actively cooperate with the installation and commissioning units. According to the contract, experienced engineers will be sent to the site to serve, and the training of owners'operation and maintenance personnel will be carried out to ensure the normal operation and maintenance in the later period.

2. after-sales service staffing and equipment:

Our company has a full-time after-sales service team, a total of 150 after-sales service engineers, in terms of professional equipments with comprehensive advantages that other companies can not match, distributed in all parts of the country project implementation site.

3. after-sales service response time:

For major issues, the company promised to give a definite reply within 12 hours and arrive at the scene within 24 hours. In general, the company promised to give a definite reply within 24 hours and arrive at the scene within 72 hours.

Undertake the obligation of repair, troubleshooting and maintenance caused by quality during warranty period. And low cost charging technical service for abnormal damage caused by improper use.

4. other situations:

(1) In terms of contract performance, our company has a good reputation and is praised by many users. Our company guarantees to respect the interests of the owners and strictly implement the contract.

(2) in the aspect of project implementation, our company set up the project department responsible for the implementation and management of the project. Regular quality report to the owner, on the basis of ensuring the stable operation of the system, to achieve the multiple purposes of lowest cost, convenient maintenance and simple operation.