1, smart grid construction
The national Power Grid Corp is building a strong smart grid. Automatic meter reading (AMI) is an important part of smart grid. Communication in AMR is the key to success. With the deepening of "one household, one meter" project and the coming implementation of step tariff, large-scale construction of power information acquisition system has become an inevitable choice. For this reason, combined with the construction of strong smart grid and marketing informationization, the State Grid Corporation proposes to build a power information collection system covering all users of the company's system in five years. Through a large number of field operation practice, our carrier communication technology has been able to effectively meet the smart grid in the distribution side of the communication needs.
2. Centralized meter reading.
With the popularization and application of step price and time-sharing price of State Grid Corporation, new and higher requirements are put forward for automatic meter reading system. At the same time, with the research and promotion of strong smart grid, reliable communication mode is required. Our company's research and achievements on communication medium of low-voltage power grid, and scientific use of its own characteristics of AC power frequency of low-voltage power grid, has created a set of scientific and reasonable carrier application mode in the field of low-voltage carrier in the world, making full use of the advantages of low-voltage power grid, avoiding its own shortcomings, and solving the noise of low-voltage carrier well. The application of reliable carrier communication is achieved by interference and impedance changes. It has been well applied in automatic meter reading and smart grid.
3. Installation and maintenance management system of power information acquisition equipment.
EMerp, which is called the installation and maintenance management system of power information acquisition equipment, is an enterprise facing the need of power information to strengthen equipment collection and field staff management. It is an application management software of mobile Internet based on mobile terminal developed by Chengdu Bo Hi-tech Company.
Through the "EMerp" management system, we can collect, report and process business data quickly and accurately; view, compare and analyze the working conditions of field staff; quickly understand the overall progress and input costs of project projects, so as to improve efficiency, save costs, refine management and scientific decision-making, and improve enterprise competition. Power.
4, electricity information collection operation and maintenance construction
Electric power acquisition operation and maintenance management is not simply dealing with and repairing faults or emergency treatment, but a set of operation and maintenance management covering the main station, communication channel, acquisition terminal and other aspects of the electric power acquisition system, eliminating faults and accidents before they occur, which is a set of scientific standards and norms. The system of theory. In 2009, the State Grid promulgated and implemented standards and specifications for the construction and implementation of power users'power consumption acquisition system, which stipulated the operation management specifications of main station, communication channel and acquisition terminal, including the operation management specifications of Q/GDW 380.4-2009 power users' power consumption information acquisition system master station, Q/GDW 380.5-2009 power users'power consumption information acquisition. The system communication channel operation management standard, Q/GDW 380.6-2009 electric power user information acquisition system acquisition terminal operation management standard and so on. At the same time, the provincial company issued the "application and management standard of power consumption information collection system" in the first half of 2012. In view of the above requirements, in the long-term operation and maintenance work, we summarized and refined the operation and maintenance plan suitable for the current situation of the national network: mainly involving the operation monitoring, equipment operation management, data acquisition, fault handling, collection and analysis check, system control and assessment management. The scheme covers the daily operation and maintenance of the main station and server, communication channel and acquisition terminal, and the four main core business of operation application management.