• Communication Unit (Broadband Carrier)
  • Product category:Carrier
  • Product model:TXZX13-BGSK、TXZX13-BGTK、TXZX13-BGJK
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Product Overview:

Communication unit (broadband carrier) product is a data transmission unit which uses power line as communication medium and broadband communication technology to realize power carrier communication function. According to application type, it can be divided into three types: TXZX13-BGSK communication unit (single-phase/broadband carrier), which is mainly suitable for single-phase collector I and single-phase watt-hour meter, TXZX13-BGTK communication unit (three-phase/broadband carrier). Mainly applicable to three-phase watt-hour meter; TXZX13-BGJK communication unit (concentrator I/broadband carrier), mainly applicable to concentrator I terminal.


Functional characteristics:

It meets the series standards of Q/GDW Electric Power User Information Acquisition System of State Grid Corporation.

Supporting National Grid Interconnection Technical Standard Q/GDW 1162-2016 "Technical Specification for Broadband Carrier Communication Interconnection of Low Voltage Power Lines";

Adaptive serial port baud rate, with better compatibility;

Low power design, energy saving and environmental protection; 

OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) modulated spread spectrum communication technology;

Its network layer is the 6th generation network layer communication protocol. It adopts routing discovery technology, adapts to time-varying networks, ad hoc networks, supports plug and play, 128bits AES encryption mechanism, and also supports WAPI encryption transmission protocol to ensure reliable and secure information and data.


performance parameter

Operating voltage: 12V + 5%;

Operating temperature: - 45 ~80 C;

Working humidity: 10%-95%;

Voltage withstand value: 4000V;

Modulation mode: OFDM;

Frequency range: 2-12MHz;

Carrier communication rate: 100kbps-25Mbps;

Serial communication rate: 1200 bps, 2400 bps, 4800 bps, 9600 bps;

Communication protocol: conform to the 2013 version of the interface protocol;

Interchangeability requirements: to meet the requirements of national network interface interchangeability in 2013 edition;

Manufacturing standard: Q/GDW 11612-2016;