• Collector II (Broadband Carrier)
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  • Product model:DCZL13-BOOSTK2
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Product overview

DCZL13-BOOSTK2 collector type II (broadband carrier) is a collection terminal equipment which uses low-voltage power line broadband carrier technology to collect and analyze power demand side information. The terminal is responsible for converting broadband carrier signal to RS-485 signal, thus realizing broadband carrier centralized meter reading for RS-485 meter. It is an important part of low-voltage power line carrier centralized meter reading system. Part. The equipment is usually installed in the ammeter box. It cooperates with the carrier concentrator equipment to complete the data acquisition and parameter setting of the ammeter.

Functional characteristics

It meets the series standards of Q/GDW Electric Power User Information Acquisition System of State Grid Corporation;

supports DL/T645 1997 and 2007 (automatic switching rate 97/645 default 1200bps, 07/645 default 2400bps);

power line broadband carrier remote reading;

supports data transmission, can use infrared to read, set and debug the collector on site;

small size, low cost, easy installation. Supporting National Grid Interconnection Technical Standard Q/GDW 1162-2016 "Technical Specification for Broadband Carrier Communication Interconnection of Low Voltage Power Lines";


performance parameter

Rated voltage: 220V +20%;

Rated frequency: 50Hz, allowable deviation - 6%~+2%;

apparent power: = 5VA; active power: = 3W;

environmental conditions: standard operating temperature - 40 ~70 C;

relative humidity: 10%-100%;

data storage period: 30 years;

RS485 bus node number: = 32

communication transmission range: the whole distribution and conversion area;

frequency range: 2-12MHz;