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  • Product model:DCNL13-BOOST12
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Product overview

DCNL13-BOOST12 collector type II (NB - IoT) is in accordance with the <state grid enterprise standard Q/GDW-2013>based on NB-IoT of independent research and development of communication technology local centralized collection watt-hour meter centralized meter reading data acquisition terminal, local RS485 centralized acquisition watt-hour meter data, remote communication to a new type of NB-IoT communication mode instead of GPRS/4G communications, realize remote communicate with the host server centralized meter reading and data transmission unit, a meter reading speed, low cost, low power consumption, easy to use and so on outstanding characteristic, It is an ideal accessory product of electricity information acquisition system.

Functional characteristics

RS485 port speed configurable;

NBIoT communication mode is adopted to directly interact with the main station.

Support DL/T 645 1997 statute and DL/T 645 2007 statute;

Can read the current positive and negative active power, meter time, remaining amount, power and other real-time data;

It can store 7 days of zero frozen electric energy, and 24 whole point electric energy data of 10 key users for 7 days.

Support upper and lower power detection, version change, meter reading failure event detection and storage of the latest 64 records;

Support infrared communication module parameter setting, reading, real-time meter reading and other debugging functions;

Support local electricity meter calibration function;

Low power consumption design, energy saving and environmental protection.

Performance parameter

Working power supply: AC220V±20%

Working temperature: - 40°C ~ 70°C

Relative humidity: 10% ~ 100%

Static power consumption: ≤1.5w

Dynamic power consumption: ≤2.5w

Downward communication mode: RS485

Character formats: 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, 1 even check bit

Port rate: 97/645 (default: 1200bps, 07/645 (default: 2400bps)

Transport protocols: DL/T 645 1997 and 2007

Uplink communication mode: NB-IoT

Communication system: all - netcom

Antenna interface: external antenna

Working diagram