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Product Overview:

LRWTD-BG22 hand-held network drive test terminal is a kind of LoRa auxiliary testing equipment for on-site signal testing. It is divided into standard power version (20dBm) and high power version (30dBm). The terminal can conduct the point-to-point communication test, surrounding signal coverage test of the actual gateway application scenario and the background noise test of communication band in the environment.

When using network drive test terminal to locate the gateway installation, and test the gateway actual signal coverage, as well as environmental noise, it can effectively reduce redundant workload and greatly improve our work efficiency.

Product Features:

  • Small and convenient to carry.
  • +5V-MicroUSB universal power supply interface.
  • Supporting Bluetooth, convenient to connect with mobile phone.
  • Visualized and humanized operation interface.
  • Having LCD and LED at the same time.
  • Displaying various signal parameters: RSSI, SNR, background noise.

  • Providing multiple communication success rate statistics.

  • Supporting key and mobile phone configuration parameters.

  • LoRa SPSP modulation communication mode with strong anti-interference capability.

  • Ultra -high receiving sensitivity.

  • Adjustable transmitting power.

Performance Parameter:

  Power supply interface:      +5V-MicroUSB interface 

  Radio frequency interface:    SMA-female 

  Current Consumption: 

Static: Standard power version:≤200mA

  Dynamic: Standard power version:≤350mA

  Transmitting Power:          High power version: Port Max+30dBm

Standard power version: Port Max+20dBm

  Receiving sensitivity:        High power version: -146dBm  

Standard power version: -143dBm

Operating frequency:          CN470MHz/AS923MHz/EU868MHz

  Operating temperature:       -25℃~+70℃

    On-site Testing Application Problem


  Is the power supply of the gateway inconvenient?


  Is the gateway mobility difficult?


  Is the link communication unable to display?


  Are configuration parameters difficult?


  Is there any demand for computer?

Operating Principle:


Interphone testing program

Before the project: Point-to-point test

                                 Node                                                       Gateway/ Fill blind gateway

     (Miniwatt, without PA configuration)                      (high-power, with PA configuration)



Drive testing plan


After the project: Network setting test


                             Test terminal                                                  Gateway



Technical Effect:


  Using the network drive testing terminal can help the tester complete the signal test conveniently and efficiently. Thus, the device location can be quickly selected, and the current communication position can be mastered.

  Main advantages include:

  • Convenient to carry and flexible to test.

  • Supporting Bluetooth connection with mobile phone.

  • LCD display.

  • Capable to display RSSI, SNR, and digital noise floor.

  • Supporting key configuration parameters.

  • LoRa SPSP modulation mode with strong anti-interference capability. 

  • Ultra-high receiving sensitivity,the maximum sensitivity reaching -146dBm.

  • Transmitting power:MAX:20dBm (without PA) 30dBm (with PA).