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Product overview

Power industry often occurs power cables and equipment due to overheating caused by fire, leading to a large area of cable burn and equipment damage and forced to shut down the situation, a short period of time can not resume production, resulting in major economic losses. According to the analysis of the accident, the direct causes of the electric equipment overheating and fire are the poor quality of the intermediate connector, the loose pressure connector, the excessive contact resistance, the overheating of the cable end and the burning through insulation caused by the long-term operation. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct wireless temperature monitoring for cable joint points.

Lorawan-bgtl10 cable temperature measuring device is a cable temperature measuring device based on LoRaWAN communication independently developed by our company. It has the functions of temperature detection, data reporting and remote monitoring, etc. It adopts LoRa modulation technology, follows LoRaWAN wireless transmission protocol and works with LoRaWAN gateway to realize remote monitoring or intelligent management.

Functional characteristics

Follow the standard LoRaWAN communication protocol;

Temperature, state and other data acquisition functions;

Through LoRaWAN protocol, data is reported according to the reporting cycle to realize remote monitoring or intelligent management. Automatic regulation of transmitted power;

Automatic network access and intelligent frequency hopping;

Long communication distance and fast network access;

Automatic crystal vibration temperature compensation, stable and reliable communication;

Low power consumption design, energy saving and environmental protection.

Performance parameter

Battery specification: ER17335, 3.6V, 2100mAh

Static power consumption: <10uA

Dynamic power consumption: ≤125mA

Battery life: ≥2years (report interval is 5 minutes)

Measurement resolution: 0.01°C

Temperature measurement range: -25°C ~ 125°C

Strap and heat-resistant: 200°C

Atch strap material: flame retardant silicone+rubber

Transport protocol: follows the LoRaWAN wireless transport protocol

Frequency range: CN470MHz/AS923MHz/EU868MHz

Receiving sensitivity: -146dBm @SF12 125kHz BW

Transmission power: ≥18dBm

Antenna interface: external antenna SMA head

Product structure 

Working diagram

Cable temperature measuring device is used to measure the temperature of the surface of high-voltage charged objects or the contact points, such as the operating temperature of the exposed contact points in the high-voltage switchgear cabinet and the bus connection. The cable temperature measuring device is composed of temperature sensor, sampling filter, data processing, logic control circuit, wireless data transmission and so on. The temperature measurement device will transmit the collected temperature data to the gateway through wireless.


Installation and use

Matters needing attention

1. When the cable temperature measuring device is in contact with the object under high pressure, the device (including the antenna, etc.) shall avoid contact with other objects other than the object under test and shall be effectively isolated to avoid danger;

2. The cable temperature measuring device has a switch hole, no waterproof, built-in lithium battery, should not be used in places with water, to prevent danger and damage to the device.

3. Transportation and storage

the product shall not be severely impacted during transportation and unpacking, and shall be transported and stored according to relevant regulations;

the inventory and storage shall be stored on the rack under the original packaging conditions, and the stack height shall not exceed 8 layers;

save the place should be clean, the ambient temperature shall be the 0 to 40 , relative humidity is not more than 85%, and should be in the air does not contain sufficient to cause the corrosion of harmful substances.