• Personnel Location Card
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        Personnel location card                     Location card for underground mine

     (portable IC card type)            (mine lamp type)                    (safety helmet type)


Product Overview

        Generally, the environment under the mine or in the chemical plant are complex and dangerous. It is very important to ensure the safety of the workers in the mine, especially when there are landslide, explosion and other emergencies. If you want to take a rescue action, you need to get location information the first time.

          The personnel location card supports bluetooth 4.0 and LoRaWAN communication protocol.  It can receive broadcast data from bluetooth label including location information and send the data to background station.

Product Features:

  •  Following standard LoRaWAN communication protocol.

  •  The scanning function of Bluetooth iBeacon achieves real-time scanning, caching label ID, intelligible filtration and optimal choice.
  •  LoRa interaction function. Report the location information to the server through LoRa gateway and receive alarm information from server. 
  • Button: call for help in case of emergency. Press the button, the buzzer will beep to alarm, and the device will immediately start SOS and report to the main station. 
  • Send broad High concurrency and high precision. LoRa private protocol is adopted to ensure that the report success rate of 80 nodes in a single gateway reaches 99% within 1 second. The positioning accuracy is 10 meters at rest and 20 meters at low speed.
  •  Low cost and easy to deploy, LoRa technology is applied to regional positioning for the first time, giving full play to its characteristics of long distance and large capacity. Lower cost and easier to deploy than traditional WiFi/GPS location.
  •  LED lamp: red lamp: working indicating lamp. Flash once in every three seconds in normal condition. Flash once in every five seconds when receiving SOS from main station. Green lamp: uplink communication indicating lamp.
  • Buzzer: alarm in case of SOS and low voltage.

Performance Parameters:

Operating temperature:  0℃~+40℃

Quiescent current : ≤50mA,   Emission current:≤160mA

Frequency range:  AS 923 MHz/CN 470 MHz

Transmission power:Max +18dBm


Receiving sensitivity:-146dBm @SF12 125kHz BW 

Reading times of memory device:>1000000 times

Data storage time:>10 years  


Operating principle topological graph:

Typical application