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                                   Outdoor bluetooth label                               Indoor bluetooth label 

                             (ground embedded)                             wall mounted

Product Overview:

The Bluetooth label can periodically send the broadcast signal with its own feature code, which is mainly used to provide personnel location information. When people carries the location card to receive the location information sent by the Bluetooth label, and the information is transmitted to the remote main station server through LoRaWAN wireless network, so as to realize the location of the personnel.

The Bluetooth label combine with personnel location card are widely used in security management of various application scenarios, including mine work, tunnel construction, chemical plant personnel location,etc.

Product Features:

     iBeacon protocol can be used to broadcast its feature ID, and any device that supports ibeacon can be resolved.

    Configure the parameters required by ibeacon at any time through the mobile App, including UUID, Major, Minor, TX-power and the transmission power and broadcast frequency of the device.

     Following Bluetooth 4.0.

     Send broadcast information at intervals.

     Configurable broadcast intervals and transmission power.

     Use low power Bluetooth label.

Performance Parameter:

Power supply:                      DC3.6V

Quiescent current:                1uA

Emission current:                 10mA

Relative humidity            10%~100%

Transmission protocol:         Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth communication distance:   10m

Hardware EMC performance   ESD protection grade: second level

   Operating temperature:        0~+60

Transmission distance:        20m (@-2dBm)

RF transmission power:       -14-8dBm (Transmission power can be configured by software)

Supply voltage:                   DC3.0-3.6V

Continues Operating Hours:   24 months

Standby current:                 1uA


Work Schematic:


Product Development and Application


  Personnel Location Card Application: