• Blind gateway (LoRaWAN wireless)
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Product Overview

LoRaWAN-BGGA Gateway is a LoRaWAN launched by Bogao Information Company.Expanding communication gateway, supporting LoRaWAN communication specification, realizing LoRa physical layer function.Hold Mote mode upstream, and forward the corresponding data according to the specifications,  can access all kinds of LoRa nodes, support Bluetooth configuration management.Supporting high-precision clock synchronization, laying the foundation for low-cost/low-power positioning, IP65 defense Protective grade, meet - 40 to 70 degrees wide temperature, anti-harsh environment outdoor industrial equipment.


Functional characteristics

Wireless communication rate adaptation;

Automatic transmission power regulation;

Follow the standard LoRaWAN communication protocol;

Automatic access and intelligent frequency hopping;

Implement data transmission, monitoring or intelligent management;

Super long communication distance and fast access speed;

Low power design, energy saving and environmental protection;

Communication data forwarding to increase coverage;

Support Bluetooth configuration management;


performance parameter

Working frequency: CN470MHz/EU868MHz/AS923MHz;

Bluetooth: 2.0+, 2.4 GHz

Wireless Receiving Sensitivity: -146 dBm

Wireless transmit power: Max + 27dBm

LoRa antenna type: N-bus interface

Bluetooth Antenna Type: T-NC Bus Interface

Power supply voltage: AC 220V

Working Temperature: -40 ~+70 65507

Overall power consumption: Max 10W

Waterproof grade: IP65

Shell Material: Aluminum ADC12

Outward Size: 162.2mm *142.6mm *83mm

Installation method: wall hanging



Working principle diagram

Note: When the quality of communication between gateway and a small number of nodes is poor, the signal can be relayed through the blind-filling gateway (with LoRaWAN protocol), and at the same time.In this case, the cost advantage of adding blind gateway is more obvious.


Interface specification