• Multimedia centralized charging terminal
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  • Product model:SCRT-BOOST40
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Product overview

SCRT-BOOST40 centralized recharge terminal is a power integrated service terminal. It uses advanced electronic technology, communication technology and multimedia technology to integrate recharge query, data acquisition, data forwarding and multimedia playback functions. Small size, rich function, touch screen display, clear function interface and more convenient operation.

The terminal has the function of recharge query, which can centralize display, prompt and query the electricity information and electricity charge information of multiple users'smart meters, and automatically identify the corresponding meters according to different users' purchasing power cards for recharge. The multimedia video playback function can play multimedia files designated by customers, put advertisements and notices. The remote communication conversion function can communicate with the power information inquiry (alarm) device and inform the users of the latest power consumption situation within 24 hours. The terminal collects power consumption information through 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network, and the communication is stable and reliable.


Product features

Support 10/100Base-T Ethernet network CATV network;

Support smart meter local recharge;

Support residents' electricity information inquiry;

Support multimedia file playback (picture files);

7 inch color screen with friendly user interface.

Support human body infrared detection;

Support remote program upgrade, local USB upgrade, support local infrared debugging;

Support data forwarding of query system.


performance parameter

Rated voltage: AC220V

Baud rate: automatically adapts to 2400/1200 baud rate according to 07/97 protocol

Display: 7 inch LCD display

Working power consumption: less than 7W

Standby power consumption: less than 3W

Maximum outline size: 215 x 155 x 45mm

Relative humidity: less than 75%

Working temperature: -20 C ~ +50 C