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Handheld LoRa Network Drive Test Terminal
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           IoT(Internet of Things) is the carrier of the Internet, the traditional telecommunications network and other information. It aims to realize the interconnection of all things. It has been widely used in logistics, transportation, industrial manufacturing, health care, intelligent environment and other fields.With the rapid development of IoT, its establishment is more common. How to set up the network quickly and ensure that all the equipment is in the signal coverage, relies on the spot continuous testing. While the test instrument is cumbersome and often affect the efficiency.

        The LoRa handheld network drive test terminal launched by Chengdu Boost can efficiently detect the signal coverage of Ali LoRaWAN standard network access. Simple for operation and use.


       This is an auxiliary device designed for LoRa spot test when conducting the point-to-point communication test, surrounding signal coverage test of the actual gateway application scenario and the background noise test of communication band in the environment. The terminal can be used to locate the gateway installation, test the gateway actual signal coverage, as well as environmental noise, that will reduce redundant work and improve deployment efficiency. Above all, the product has completed a joint test with Ali IoT platform and can directly connect to it.

Product Features :

  • Micro USB power supply interface. A full charge can last more than 8 hours.
  • Support Bluetooth and infrared debugging.
  • Having LCD and LED at the same time.
  • Displaying various signal parameters: RSSI, SNR, background noise.
  • Supporting key and mobile phone configuration parameters.
  • LoRa spread spectrum modulation communication.
  • With flashlight, small size, easy to carry.

            Home page interface                                                                     Flashlight on the top


Background noise test: (Support 8 frequency point test. Through the test the equipment position environmental noise can be found out.)



Interphone testing mode: (Carry out the communication test between two terminals. We can detect the uplink and downlink signal quantify and packet loss condition from the master and slave devices.)


Interphone testing program

Before the project: Point-to-point test

                    Node                                                              Gateway/ blind area gateway

(Miniwatt, without PA configuration)                           (high-power, with PA configuration)


Drive test mode: (Road test terminal and gateway communication test, you can understand how many gateways can communicate, which gateway is currently communicating with and the signal quality of upstream and downstream, and master the gateway signal coverage.)

 Drive testing plan

After the project: Network setting test

                                                                                        Blind area gateway         Gateway

Performance parameters:

Power supply interface

+5V-MicroUSB universal power supply interface

Radio frequency interface


Current consumption

Static: Standard power version:200mA

Dynamic: Standard power version:350mA

Transmitting frequency

High power version: Port Max+30dBm

Standard power version: Port Max+20dBm

Receiving sensitivity

High power version: -146dBm 

Standard power version: -143dBm

Operating frequency


Operating temperature


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